Acting Director of Takoradi Port, Captain Ebenezer Afedzi, has revealed that but for a technical review, work could have started on the controversial road from the Paa Grant Roundabout to New Takoradi.

According to him, commencement of the rehabilitation works had to be halted for the review, following a change in management.

Answering questions on the road, the acting director explained that management had almost finished the paper work on the road when the change in management happened, necessitating the review.

“We captured the road in our budget for this year. Last year corporate headquarters of Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority invited tenders. They were working on them and just as the process was to be completed there was a change in management at the headquarters. We’ve worked on what was left last year,” he disclosed.

He said “our board has gone through and has given us the approval to tackle the road. …As we speak now our engineering team is reviewing what went on last year,” he added.

“But for the review, we would have started this road [New Takoradi] maybe next month. Because we now have a clear approval from our board to start the road. But those who tendered last year will also want to review their prices…”

Captain Afedzi stressed that the road was very significant to their operations, stressing that “if the road is done, the number of trucks that will pass on the road to carry load to and from the Takoradi Port will be very helpful.”

Residents of New Takoradi have been demonstrating on the poor state of the road which they say was making their life unbearable for years.

They residents had planned to “occupy the Takoradi Port” for its failure to rehabilitate the road.

But Captain Afedzi insisted the port was equally not pleased with the state of the road.

According to him, should all go as planned rehabilitation will commence first month of next year.

In the meantime, the planned “occupy Takoradi port” demo by residents of New Takoradi has been called off.

Responding to the threat Captain Afedzi said they have the harbour police sitting at their gate to protect state property.

According to him, any person or group of persons can come to the port but must go through a process.


Story: From Simon Ahensah, Takoradi, Western Region