Extremist group, ISIS, nearly lured three Ghanaian girls from Bawku in the Upper East Region to join them, according to International Relations and Security expert, Dr Vladimir Antwi Danso.

Dr Danso noted but for the swift intervention of his outfit the three girls would have been inducted into the terrorist sect.

He has called on the government to take the fight against terrorism seriously as ISIS was working hard to gain inroads in the West African country with respect to recruitment of members.

The group, he explained at the Faculty of Arts Lectures on Ending Violence and Terrorism on the African continent, could use their Ghanaian recruits against the country if they succeed to lure more Ghanaians into their fray.

According to him, ISIS was not easy to ward off looking at the attractive packages they offer African youth.

He indicated that technology has made the work of ISIS easier in terms of recruitment, adding that the government must monitor existing technological communication trends to detect and stop the operations of the terrorist group.

Dr Danso, who is also the Director of Academic Affairs at the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, explained that the presence of ISIS and Boko Haram was not only a threat to the security of the various African countries but the unity of Africa as well.

He therefore, called on African leaders to stop the greed, selfishness and unhealthy desire for power and attention as some in their quest to achieve these have ended up supporting the Islamist Extremists against their own.


Story: Elizabeth Amarfio