Did you know that the body needs at least 24-48 hours to re-adjust? which means those of you doing morning shifts for 2 days and continue immediately with evening shifts also for two days before you take a rest is really not healthy at all?🤔😮….your morning and evening shifts should have a resting day or two in between else you will cause your body to break down and eventually shut off. Trust me! Your bosses know this!

Note: The body’d metabolism always slows down at night. So, even if you slept the whole day just to make ready for night, don’t eat heavy!!!

Statistics collated by the Ghana Health Service indicates that most work related health issues concerns mostly those doing night shifts and working for extra hours beyond what the body can take. ” Please the 8 hours is just a national convention adopted, but it is relative to the person involved. You just need to make sure you know your body pretty well”.

Many of you my friends have bosses who care so much less about you. In fact they seem to love you more because you are always the first to get to work and last to leave. Thank God, for my current boss, taking your annual leave and is mandatory, 😂. Don’t get me twisted, be hardworking, win your boss’s affection but love your life. ‘I know enemies will say…’ Annie this article if for you’🤨the writer…but well most of you are equally guilty.

A friend of mine, working with a very big communication company in Ghana, one day closed from the night shift work and on his way home, bought ‘Housa koko’ (a northern pudding/ delicacy made from millet usually taken as breakfast). He got home and started drinking the ‘koko’.Lo and behold, as he poured the koko into his mouth, it came dripping right back through the left side of his lips. But scarier, he could not close the left eye as done normally. Basically, the left side is of the face was totally dead like you have had a Botox. After trying several times and realized the problem, he then decided to see the doctor. To cut a long story short, the report said he had a ‘FACIAL PALSY’.
The term facial palsy generally refers to weakness of the facial muscles, mainly resulting from temporary or permanent damage to the facial nerve. It could be temporal if you are lucky or if not lucky, it could be permanent with you walking around with a twisted face. Research has still not been able to tell the direct causes of facial palsy but you can be sure that stress is one.

Now, civilization has turned our work schedule up-side-down with some doing morning shifts, others evening, while more are doing both. Some even beg for extra time just for ‘nokofiooo'( to make more money). My dear we are killing ourselves.

Effects of some of these work pressures:

  1. Increased risk of spontaneous abortion, low birth weight, and premature births.
    2. Reduction in quality and quantity of sleep
    3. Widespread complaints of “fatigue”
    4. Anxiety, depression, and increased neuroticism
    5. Increasing evidence of adverse cardiovascular effects
    Possible increase in gastrointestinal disorders.
    6. More so, to the company, low productivity.

All these can degenerate into very serious diseases that can render you incapacitated. Stroke, blood pressure issues, and even possibly death.😥…..oh 33nora nkoaaa na mehuu noo, y3se wawu (I just met him yesterday and today i hear he is dead). Such is the nature of the risk.

Don’t kill yourself, ensure the following:

😧No more than 48 hours a week averaged over a 17 week period
😯A minimum daily rest period of 11 consecutive hours

😐A minimum weekly rest period of 24 or 48 consecutive hours averaged over 14 days
🤔A minimum of 20 minutes rest in any work period of more than 6 hours
A maximum of 8 hours night work every 24 hours averaged over a 17 week period
😥Free health assessments for night workers

😎Paid annual leave of at least 4 weeks

😧And most importantly, do regular check-ups, at least once a year.

If you work with a company that denies the chance to do these, try the courts, you never know you might be rich overnight. 🧠🍹


Written by: Annie Afua Ampofo